Woo! Tungsten Ned Head Jig

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Take your finesse game to the next level with the WOO! Tungsten Ned Heads. The perfect jig heads to present your bite-sized plastics, the WOO! Tungsten Ned Heads are smaller, sleeker, and more sensitive than traditional Ned Heads made from lead allowing you to better feel your lake’s complex structure as well as subtle or slack-line bites from finicky fish. Featuring sticky sharp Gamakatsu hooks, you can expect lightning-fast penetration with the strength to handle your water’s biggest and most aggressive fish. Separating themselves from the rest of the pack, the WOO! Tungsten Ned Heads have their corresponding Quick ID size stamped right into the head, eliminating any guesswork when you’re out on the water. Available in multiple sizes and colors to perfectly match your preferred finesse plastics, the WOO! Tungsten Ned Heads are a sure way to find a limit when the conditions are tough or your fishery has stringent lead regulations.