RTM Hiro Implulse Drive Angler Kayak

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The HIRO Impulse drive is a kayak with a slim, stable, fast and ergonomic design, allowing hands-free fishing.
Powered by the Impulse Drive, this proven system is lightweight. It moves forwards and backwards.
Steering is provided by a wide rudder controlled by a joystick on the port side of the kayaker.
Its comfortable premium armchair adjusts to the fisherman’s size. The space in front of the seat argues a large platform for fishing while standing.
It is capable of sailing beyond 300 m: Compliant with Division 245
This product is designed exclusively to be propelled by human power (paddle and/or impulse drive)

Length : 362 cm
Width : 87 cm
Depth : 40 cm
Weigth : 42 kg
Capacity : 1 person
Charge max :180 kg