Great Lakes Finesse Stealth Ball Head Jig (3pk)

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What makes this ball head better than the others? A few key features:

  • Available in several indestructible matte (no shine) powdercoat finishes

  • Slightly oversized and unpainted collar-style bait keeper for a better hold on your bait

  • Built around a Gamakatsu 604 1/0 or size 1 Jig Hook - the absolute best mix of strength and sharpness on a fine gauge wire for light line hooksets

Built around a super sharp, fine wire Gamakatsu jig hook the Great Lakes Finesse Ball Head is the premium jig head you've been looking for. Available in three super matte colors, plus a pearl white and raw for anglers who prefer to paint their own custom patterns this jighead has you covered.

Finally, a finesse-sized ball head with a hook that can handle the biggest smallmouth in the lake. Designed to fit our soft plastics perfectly, you can also pair it with just about any of your favorite baits.